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Welcome donors, advocates, and volunteers ~ you are making a DIFFERENCE for LIFE!!!

PASS network for life - "every fingerprint...a purpose." ~ Psalm 33:11

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Since 1983, Pregnancy Aid South Suburbs (PASS) has provided a safe non-judgemental place for women and men in crisis pregnancy situations.  Many seeking our services are abortion-minded (they have decided or are close to deciding to have an abortion) or abortion-vulnerable (they have not decided to have an abortion, but an abortion is an option for them).  PASS annually ministers to several thousands of women and men in desperate, confusing, and frightful situations. 
Our mission is to lovingly stop abortions and compassionately share truth to those who seek our services.
More than crisis pregnancy alone, PASS is a multi-faceted Biblical ministry with staff, advocates, educators, facilitators, and volunteers serving men and women with issues concerning life, relationships, and healing.  Linked to our core mission to reduce abortions on Chicago's southwest side are numerous FREE and CONFIDENTIAL ministry aspects that include:
1. PREVENTION: IMPACT abstinence education program (15,000 + students, 55+ schools)
2. INTERVENTION: Pregnancy verification, Limited ultrasounds, Pregnancy options information, Referrals
3. EDUCATION: Abundant Life program (Parenting and life-preparation classes)
4. RESTORATION: Hope & Healing program (Emotional support through group or one-on-one counseling sessions)
PASS is a 501(c)3 Christian non-profit organization and is 100% funded by private donations with centers in Tinley Park, South Holland, and Lansing, Illinois. 
Thank you for joining us in following Jesus to save lives and change heart at a time.
For Christ and His Kingdom, 
Susan Wilson
Interim Executive Director
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 Some Statistics

  • PASS averages 1,100 phone calls per month for services (70 per day, 8.5 per hour, about 1 every 7 minutes)
  • PASS averages >2,000 personal client visits per year for services (1.15 per hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week 52 weeks a year)
  • PASS teaches abstinence education to over 15,000 students per year
  • PASS provides nearly 300 ultrasounds per year (Tinley Park center)
  • PASS shares the love of Christ with all that come through our doors
  • 85% of women who come to PASS are abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable
  • Out of the 85% women visiting PASS who are abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable, 85% choose parenting or adoption after meeting with a PASS client advocate. The remaining 15% either choose abortion or we are unaware of their choice.
  • PASS teaches parenting, life skills, early pregnancy, prenatal, and pre-birthing, classes to nearly 500 women and men per year
  • 83% of PASS clients are single
  • 17% are married
  • 2% are below 15
  • 34% are between 15 - 19
  • 33% are between 20 - 24
  • 15% are between 25 - 29
  • 15% are over 30


This pregnancy center offers many services to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies including free pregnancy tests, non-medical pregnancy consultations, and education about abortion. This center does not offer abortions or abortion referrals. - Staff Log In