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     Life is all about relationship decisions.


Relationship decisions are powerful predictors of your future.  Relationships are not simply about males and  females, but about how you communicate with people and how they communicate with you.  Your relationship choices determine your life's path.

Some people choose relationships based on emotions.  While emotions are important, the healthiest decisions are made with emotions are put in check.  Every human being lives with the consequences of healthy or unhealthy relationships.  

Living with long-term consequences as a result of short-term emotional decisions can be irreversible, but they don't have to be.  How people relate with family members, parents, friends, peers, and co-workers indicate how they will relate in one-on-one personal relationships.


                                                                              A healthy relationship requires two healthy peopleCouple holding hands

A  healthy relationship starts with both individuals recognizing their own significance.  In general, healthy people know they are whole and complete.  Before a person is ready for a relationship, he or she must know this or her relationship abilities and limitations.

Life experiences and poor role models limit some people in their abilities to have healthy relationships.  Although they want to be in a relationship, some people are simply not able or prepared to build a healthy relationship.  Some people, regardless of age, are not mature enough to handle relationships on deeper levels. 

Self-assessment, or looking at your past relationships is a good start.  Knowing your relational abilities and limitations as well as those of others before you begin a relationship is a step in the right direction.  Sometimes it is hard to look at ourselves and realize that "Oops...I really don't know what I'm doing in a relationship with this person."  Sometimes it is easier to see faults in others before we see faults in ourselves. 

Many times, relationships fail because one or both persons are not able to handle the demands that healthy, thriving relationships require. 

Healthy relationships require intentional decisions.

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Good decision-making can lead to rewarding relationships, free from unnecessary problems.  Intentional or purposeful decisions do not simply happen.  They must be learned and purposely carried out.  Healthy relationships are a result of two people's abilities to make healthy decisions.

Unhealhy relationships either struggle from crisis to crisis or ultimately end.  Healthy relationships, on the other hand, thrive and grow.  There may be some bumps, but healthy relationships require two people striving to make healthy decisions. 

Basic relationship components are: Communication, Honesty, Trust, Commitment, Faithfulness, Patience, Forgiveness, Mutual Respect, and Love. 

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